We are hiring!

Lafayette and West Lafayette residents, apply to: Create, Engage, and Activate for Spark Lafayette-West Lafayette!

These are paid opportunities. Applicants can use the form at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/applyspark

Propose an art or community activity for Spark Lafayette-West Lafayette:

The door is open for you or your community or group to share a simple proposal for a pop-up experience — performance, workshop, mini event, or whatever you think might be a great idea for public spaces. These are paid opportunities with modest budgets available for time and materials. Each budget will be particular to the idea or activity proposed. We're also looking for partnerships with organizations and others already doing activities to help our overall budget stretch further. We are not setting limits as we don't know what you might want to propose and we are open to all kinds of ideas. In the application, you will be asked for a budget. We can work with you on creating a budget if you have questions. Just email lafwlaf@sparkplacemaking.org with questions. 

Your proposed activity should be playful, inclusive, and interactive. Participants could include crafters, makers, teachers, instructors, gamers, business owners, and artists of all kinds to share a fun, creative, and educational experience in the two downtown areas.

In Lafayette, space activation will take place at locations along Main Street specifically at Chase Plaza and Riehle Plaza. In West Lafayette, similar activities will happen on Brown and South streets — in areas temporarily affected by ongoing road improvements on State Street. Both cities will offer placemaking popup improvements from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Tuesdays in Lafayette and Thursdays in West Lafayette. This program lasts 16 weeks, from July 11 through Oct. 31 with a variety of programming each week. Feel free to apply for more than one date. This is a rolling deadline so ideas and proposals are accepted throughout the process.

If you have a programming idea that is fun, creative, and engaging please apply here

Activities should:

●      Be suitable for public spaces and all ages (no explicit, religious, or political content)

●      Be free to the public

●      Be inexpensive to produce (we have a modest budget for time and supplies and welcome no-cost, partnership ideas as well)

●      Be led by a person 18 years or older, or with permission of a parent or guardian

Submissions will be reviewed based on these criteria:

●      Does the idea fit within the spirit and themes of Spark and the cities?

●      Will it happen on one or more of 16 weeks between July and October?

●      Is it social, inclusive, and engaging?

●      Is it easy enough to implement?

●      Will it appeal to people, especially families?

●      Is it connected to the site and to the community?

●     What's the cost? And is it feasible? 

When you apply, please tell us about: the equipment or materials you’ll use; a link to photos or video or reviews of previous work; anything else to help us understand your idea.  Spark staff will work with you to identify a specific time and space for your project, if accepted. Expect to receive a reply from Spark staff within five days. Communication will be via email.

 You can also email us or ask questions via email at lafwlaf@sparkplacemaking.org