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Spark Lafayette West Lafayette

Spark Lafayette-West Lafayette is a two-city partnership to activate both downtowns with temporary public programming . The result: new opportunities for residents and visitors to enjoy the many assets already here, participate in creative activities, and to socialize with others as well as learn new things and enjoy new experiences. Activities are free for the public to enjoy. These will change from place to place and time to time — and will involve local artists and residents in paid opportunities to share their ideas, skills, and talents. 

Portrait sketching and live guitar sing-a-long at Chase Plaza in Lafayette

Portrait sketching and live guitar sing-a-long at Chase Plaza in Lafayette

This approach, known as placemaking, also helps make public spaces more inviting and comfortable with human-scale features such as movable tables and chairs, games, demonstrations, and other cultural programming activities to engage the public. Placemaking supports local economies and communities and can lead to long-term positive change. In West Lafayette, Spark brings energy to businesses affected by ongoing street improvements. In Lafayette, it builds on the momentum of efforts to enliven downtown. Together, Spark will bridge the cities with activities on both sides of the river.

Funded opportunities: Propose an art or community activity for Spark Lafayette-West Lafayette:

The door is open for you or your community or group to share a simple proposal for a pop-up experience — performance, workshop, mini event, or whatever you think might be a great idea for public spaces. These are paid opportunities with modest budgets available for time and materials. Each budget will be particular to the idea or activity proposed. We're also looking for partnerships with organizations and others already doing activities to help our overall budget stretch further. We are not setting limits as we don't know what you might want to propose and we are open to all kinds of ideas. In the application, you will be asked for a budget. We can work with you on creating a budget if you have questions. Just email with questions. 

Your proposed activity should be playful, inclusive, and interactive. Participants could include crafters, makers, teachers, instructors, gamers, business owners, and artists of all kinds to share a fun, creative, and educational experience in the two downtown areas.

In Lafayette, space activation will take place at locations along Main Street specifically at Chase Plaza and Riehle Plaza. In West Lafayette, similar activities will happen on Brown and South streets — in areas temporarily affected by ongoing road improvements on State Street. Both cities will offer placemaking popup improvements from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Tuesdays in Lafayette and Thursdays in West Lafayette. This program lasts 16 weeks, from July 11 through Oct. 31 with a variety of programming each week. Feel free to apply for more than one date. This is a rolling deadline so ideas and proposals are accepted throughout the process.

Spark Bucks

What: Spark Bucks is a program through Spark Lafayette-West Lafayette, where local businesses are partnering with the Spark program to provide weekly specials that are only available through using Spark Bucks. 

How do you participate: Spark Bucks will be available from 11 a.m-8 p.m in Lafayette at Chase or Riehle Plaza on Tuesdays, and in West Lafayette at South Street or Brown Street on Thursdays. A Spark site and research coordinator will have them available

How do I use them: Spark Bucks are good at the following businesses during the months of August, September and October. Spark Bucks Expire after 10/31/2017 

Lafayette Locations:

  • Kathy’s Kandies

  • Main Street Bookstore

  • Java Roaster

  • DT Kirby’s

  • Lafayette Brewing Company

  • Virtuous Cycles

  • McCord Candies

  • Black Sparrow

West Lafayette Locations:

  • Green Leaf

Thank you!

West Lafayette Ping Pong games!

West Lafayette Ping Pong games!